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Hill Elementary  |  Birthday Celebration Guidelines

It has been the tradition for many elementary students to celebrate their birthday at school by bringing in cupcakes, cookies, or other food related treats. While the district intends to continue to celebrate the child’s special day, there is a need to do so in a way that is healthy for everyone involved. The reasons for this change are listed below:

  • There are students in every elementary building who have severe, sometimes life-threatening, allergies, and in many cases they are unable to partake of the treat.
  • Also, district staff learned in an Epi-pen training session this summer that 25% of all first time anaphylactic reactions occur in schools.
  • Schools have been charged with promoting healthy eating habits inside and outside of school.
  • Our schools are committed to preserving instructional time.

There is no obligation to recognize your child’s birthday at school. However, if you choose to recognize your child’s special day, please do not send birthday treats to school, as they will not be shared with the class. Instead of bringing or sending a food treat to celebrate your child’s birthday, parents may:

  • Send in a favorite book for the student to share with the class on the child’s special day.
  • Donate a book for the classroom in honor of the child’s special day.
  • Send in for the day or donate a recess game for indoor recesses.
  • Send in for the day or donate a piece of playground equipment (various balls or games) for outdoor recesses.
  • If you have another idea of how to celebrate your child’s birthday, you may discuss this with your child’s teacher.

Our elementary buildings will continue to recognize and celebrate our students’ birthdays at school, even as that recognition takes new forms. The district appreciates your cooperation and hopes you will understand the reasoning behind this decision. This procedure for celebrating students’ birthdays does not extend to the classroom holiday parties, though please note there may be allergy restrictions for those events as well. The food/treats that are provided at these events will be determined by the buildings.