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PTO » What Does PTO Do?

What Does PTO Do?

How Does Your Family Benefit From Hill PTO?
  • We pay for major purchases as requested by staff and as the budget permits.
  • We fund every teacher $250 for classroom enrichment.  This is nearly 2 ½ times the district average - $6000
  • We pay for the 5th grade camp bus. - $3000.
  • We pay for a RAZ-Kids subscription to enhance literacy. - $1,100.
  • We pay for a student magazine subscription for enhanced education & literacy. - $1,560.
  • We fund many assemblies. - $2,000
  • We pay for teacher & staff appreciation activities. - $950.
  • We fund character-building for the Safety Patrol. - $500.
  • We fund Art Smarts to nurture creativity. - $450.
  • We fund Science Night, Field Day, the Talent Show and the Family Picnic - $1,000.
  • We provide a movie license for the school so teachers can legally play movies - $400.
  • We pay for grounds beautification and provide minor handyman services (Husky Dads and Grounds)- $700.
  • We have a program called, Watch Dogs, which gets dads, uncles and grandpas involved at Hill - $550.
  • We organize a school dance, a variety show, and a family picnic.
  • We organize a blood drive and a food program, Bounty in a Backpack, for low-income Troy families.
  • We support literacy in the neighborhood with Little Free Libraries in front of the school, behind it and throughout our neighborhood.
  • We provide room parents for the classrooms.
  • We hold a welcome back coffee on the first day of school for all parents to meet and greet.
  • We sponsor the new Hill Robotics Club!